Congregation Tifereth Israel



“My husband is not Jewish, but he, too, has been welcomed. I have found a home and a wonderful group of friends at Tifereth Israel.”

-Dr. Jan W. Lyddon

“I love that over the years, at Tifereth Israel so much is different, yet so much has stayed the same. One constant, but intangible item, is the feeling one gets when walking through the doors – a feeling of belonging.”

-Julie Wasserstrom

“There is so much going on at Tifereth that you will be sure to find your niche, whether it is the various prayer services, social action, cultural and social events, or learning opportunities — both formal and informal.”

-Lynn Eitam

“Tifereth Israel is my Jewish comfort zone, somewhere between an extended family and a community.”

-Cathy Levine

“There is something, actually a lot of things, for everyone. It is a place where we all can feel warm, safe, and connected.”

-Leslie Rosen

“I always felt it was a mitzvah to be a part of providing members a place where they not only have a community that is there to share the happy moments in their lives, but also to help them through the tougher times.”

-Howard Schottenstein